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Krystian Koszykowski

Krystian  Koszykowski
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    Sharp, tenacious, and driven, Krystian Koszykowski is a young real estate agent with a contagious enthusiasm for providing his clients with a fast, easy home-buying/selling experience. He was born in Lomza, Poland, and came to the United States in 2000 where he would later finish his degree in Applied Mathematical Sciences at the University of Connecticut. He currently works for a large global aerospace company while pursuing a masters in Technology Management, and eventually an MB.Since he was a child, Krystian’s parents have always worked on and owned multiple properties in Connecticut, providing him with raw exposure to the real estate process that would ultimately pique his interest in this profession. Since then, Krystian has worked diligently to receive the proper credentials for real estate and has become a valuable asset for New Haus by employing his knowledge of innovative technology and marketing strategies to help clients get the most out of their buying and selling experiences. In his leisure time, Krystian enjoys walking with his dogs, playing chess, and traveling. Krystian currently resides in New Britain, CT

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